Sale of the IF Golf Course Update

The sale of the Inwood Forest golf course by Inwood Forest Partners (IFP) to the City of Houston closed yesterday.

IFP was required to and has removed debris piles from the golf course property. IFP was also required to set aside funds that the city will use to take down and remove the dead trees on the property.

The city, the Near Northwest Management District and IFCIA have had preliminary discussions about the maintenance of the property and clubhouse building, but a plan has not yet been finalized since the city was concentrating its efforts on closing the sale. We will be working on this in the coming weeks.

Please note that since the golf course property now belongs to the City of Houston there should be no problems reporting suspicious activity to HPD’s non emergency number 713-884-3131. If you see any criminal activity, please call 911.

We also ask that those of you that live near the clubhouse or walk or bike ride in that area to report any suspicious activity around the building to HPD immediately and then notify the board by using the "contact" menu on this site or by calling the IF message center at 1-888-781-0144. Some of you may be aware that there was a major fire at the old Clear Lake Country Club clubhouse yesterday afternoon. The more eyes we have on the property, the better.